Solar Eclipse

After 38 years the United States is seeing another total Solar Eclipse! While we will likely not see the total eclipse from here in Cushing, OK we will be seeing a partial solar eclipse which should be about 80% covered.


It is dangerous to look at the solar eclipse without proper eye ware, and while the Cushing Library is not able to afford glasses to hand out to the public there are ways you can make your own device for safe eclipse viewing.



2 Pieces of stiff white cardboard (Paper plate or poster board should work), or white paper

A thumbtack, pin, or needle



  1. Take one piece of paper or cardboard and piece a small, round hole in the middle of it with the pin or thumbtack you have.
  2. While having your back to the sun, hold the piece of paper or cardboard with the hole over your shoulder while holding the second piece in front of you.

The sun will shine through that little hole onto your first piece of paper and project the image onto your second piece. To adjust the size you’re viewing, move the second piece of paper further from your first piece.


REMEMBER! It could be dangerous for your eyes to view the sun with the naked eye or even with sunglasses.
Never use this devise to look directly at the sun, and do not look at the sun through the hole.


Enjoy the solar eclipse, and stay safe.

Pokemon Go is here!


Pokemon Go is a smart phone app game that released July 7th here in the US. People who have downloaded this game travel their towns and thanks to Google Maps and this game, can encounter pokemon in the real world to catch. Pokemon has been a popular series for almost 20 years and continues to entertain people of all ages with the show, games, and now on smartphones.

The Cushing Library is happy to learn that we were selected as a Pokemon Stop! This means that anyone who plays the game can stop by to rest on their pokemon journey and stock up on Pokeballs and other items. All you have to do is tap the Pokestop when you’re here and spin our icon to get items. We are also next door to a pokemon gym, so come relax here while keeping an eye on who’s the top trainer!

For more information as to what Pokemon Go is or how it works there is a great article that can be found here.