SRP Virtual: Page Turner Adventures

May 27, 2022

Click the links in the grid below to watch these fun videos! Videos will be posted on the date listed and will remain available through July.

06/01: SHOW: Captain Book’s Pirate Adventure Part 1; Part 206/02: AUTHOR: Melinda Long06/03: CRAFT: Balloon Powered Boat
06/06: CRAFT: The Tale Snail06/07: SHOW: 20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 106/08: AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Dan Yaccarino06/09: RECIPE: Happy-As-A-Clam Cookies06/10: VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP: Marine Mammal Rescue
06/13: CRAFT: Secret Sea Star06/14: SHOW: 20,000 Books Under the Sea – Episode 206/15: AUTHOR: Tina Cho06/16: RECIPE: Peanut Butter & Jellyfish06/17: VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP: Snorkeling Adventure
06/20: CRAFT: Sock-topus Puppet06/21: 20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 306/22: AUTHORS/ILLUSTRATORS: Jarrett & Jerome Pumphrey06/23: RECIPE: Fish Cakes06/24: VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP: A Visit With Octo-Girl
06/27: Craft06/28: 20,000 Books Under the Sea Episode 406/29: Author Interview06/30: Recipe07/01 Bonus!: Virtual Field Trip